Our Mission

The Swisscross Foundation’s central mission is to place the topic of accessibility and protection of safe humanitarian medical aid at the forefront of governmental and non-governmental global agendas.

The safety of healthcare personnel deployed in crisis and conflict zones has deteriorated significantly over the last decade. Attacks on patients, healthcare workers and hospitals are a growing concern in armed conflicts, especially when those most vulnerable are either deliberately or accidentally attacked, injured or killed.

The secondary effects of this violence are also of major concern, as they result in the termination of medical missions, essential healthcare programs, and the depletion of hospital supplies, water and electricity. The disruption of healthcare services, and lack of qualified personnel, hinders access to life-saving procedures, which has a devastating and long-lasting impact on the local community in general and their future wellbeing.

In order to address this major topic, SF has put several initiatives into action based upon the three founding principles of research, education and protection. Through the establishment of research initiatives, SF is able to transfer the knowledge which tackle how to enhance the safety and quality of healthcare during and after complex humanitarian emergencies.

First, in order to address the deficiency of qualified specialist reconstructive surgeons, the Swisscross Foundation has piloted the Global Medical Corps (GMC). The GMC project addresses three primary elements. 1) It develops and maintains a pool of qualified specialist in the field of reconstructive surgery, including post-op care personnel such as nurses and physiotherapist. 2) It standardizes clinical protocols and medical logistics. 3) It incorporates the training of local staff to insure continuation of care. The project will take place in Tripoli, Lebanon, and treat patients from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, South Sudan and other surrounding conflict zones.

Secondly, in an attempt to deliver additional comprehensive data on the subject of security and health care in conflict, the Swisscross Foundation will establish a centre of excellence dedicated to the medical and scientific research of the relations and interactions of human beings and their environment during armed conflict. Based in the Middle East, the establishment of this hub, together with the participation of local collaborators and research fellows, will enable Swisscross to gather empirical data crucial to the deliverance of practical solutions specific to the ever-changing environment.

Finally, The “Swisscross Security Project”, The Foundation’s flagship project, searches for new approaches and solutions to benefit healthcare providers operating in high-risk situations and insecure environments. This project advocates the protection and access to healthcare in armed conflict by providing innovative and concrete solutions in addressing this humanitarian challenge.


Violence disrupts medical care in the moment it is needed most!

— Dr. Enrique Steiger, Founder of The Swisscross Foundation