To fulfil our charitable mission and purpose of the Swisscross foundation, and to provide the groundwork for the flagship Swisscross Security project, four areas of activity and funding have been defined:


Basis for development
The Swisscross Foundation is committed to the development of policy analysis on the complexity of “humanitarian aid” and mandates the preparation of major planning, structural, financial and human concepts that support the development and implementation of an efficient organisation for the protection of humanitarian health care staff                                                                           

Educational support
The Swisscross Foundation continues the years of work of its founder, who has focused his efforts on training and encouraging medical personnel in war and crisis zones, to ensure sustainable medical education and knowledge transfer. Furthermore, healthcare professionals will be prepared for both the physical and psychological stresses of deployment in humanitarian disasters.


Scientific support and research
The Swisscross Foundation works closely with various international universities and academic institutions on the topic of conflict research and specifically promotes basic scientific work in the form of research grants for doctorates and academic researchers.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The Swisscross Foundation is committed to share their knowledge and information with the public and interested stakeholders. It promotes the publication and dissemination of information and new insights through regular meetings with the participation of international experts.