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Dr. Enrique Steiger


Dr. Enrique Steiger is a specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Traumatology. He earned his doctorate at the University of Zurich, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro. He is Co-owner of “Clinic Utoquai” in Zurich. Since 1989, he has undertaken numerous missions as a physician and delegate for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), UN, OSCE in regions of conflict. He is a Guest lecturer at the Institute for Conflict Research of Political Science at the University of Zurich.                                                                                                              dr.esteiger@swisscross.org                                                                                            


Dr. Christian König

Communications and Media Advisor

Dr. Christian König is the Chairman of Farner Consulting AG, a leading Communications Consultancy in Switzerland. After completing his studies in 1974 at St. Gallen, he founded the HSG Press and Lead Information Office where he played a vital role in promoting the University of Zurich. He then joined Farner Consulting for short period before becoming the lead at Trimedia Communications. After which he then returned to Farner as majority owner between 1999 to 2013. Besides being a communications strategist and consultant, Christian is also a member of several cultural Boards. He is also an investor and advisor in Private Equity Ventures such as crowdhouse.ch, ArgYou.ch and thescope.com.



Dr. Christian Kruse

Financial Advisor and Treasurer

Dr. Christian Kruse is a consultant and entrepreneur in the field of social impact investments and social entrepreneurship. Dr. Kruse designs and organizes think tanks for various industries and specializes in future scenario planning. Previously, he worked at Morgan Stanley as a wealth management specialist, Family Officer, corporate finance expert and researcher. He thus served as a senior researcher at the Swiss Banking Institute of the University of Zurich. In 2007, Dr. Kruse and his partners founded the University Swiss Design Institute for Finance and Banking in Zurich, which Specializes in the development of high-tech communication tools for banks and financial institutions. Dr. Kruse graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.