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The Swisscross Foundation is committed to share the extensive experience and knowledge of a renowned group of international medical experts that will help train and prepare local health care personnel within the affected region. The aim is to strengthen local capacities and diminish dependencies on foreign medical aid.


The difference between medical treatments in armed conflicts and natural disasters compared to conventional treatment procedures in a civil society is manifold. Working with limited resources in an often hostile environment, with different wound pathologies and increased prevalence of endemic diseases, requires specific skills and expertise, which is difficult to be found even in a modern civil society.

Nevertheless, during emergency situations, these multiple skills are requested on a short notice. To reduce the dependency and costs on expatriates, to shorten the response time and to strengthen local capacities, the Swisscross Foundation intends to recruit and train primarily local health care professionals for this demanding task. This will be accomplished through regional recruitment centers, regular workshops and Swisscross supervised teaching clinics in regions affected by armed conflicts. 


The pool of war surgeons, epidemiologists, nurses and other medical professionals trained and certified by Swisscross can be activated at any time by other local and regional hospitals and health institutions in emergency or disaster situations if required. The available medical staff is not only appropriately trained and up to the task, but also very familiar with the language and culture of the affected population. 

The Swisscross Foundation strives to capture and scientifically exploit the experiences and findings from this concept and then make them available to other interested humanitarian organisations.

We shouldn’t be in need any more of these “white knights”, coming from abroad, to overcome our local problems, and who, after a very short period of time, leave us again!