Center for Research and Education in the Ecology of War (CREEW)



The physical, psychological, and social wounds that result from armed conflict and their long-term consequences are poorly understood by health professionals. Research is a necessity to identify and address their clinical and social impact and to study the way people address their health needs.

The Swisscross Foundation in partnership with the Global Health Institute established a “Center for Research and Education in the Ecology of War” (CREEW) with the vision to develop global excellence in the ecology of war. CREEW-MENA hosted by GHI will be the regional center and the hub for other CREEW centers to be established in different regions of the world.



CREEW enhances the global knowledge on the ecology of war through contextualized research and tailored capacity building of frontline health practitioners.



CREEW is the center for global excellence in frontline research capacity building in the ecology of war.



This fellowship will equip frontline health practitioners from conflict zones or seeking to work in conflict zones with the necessary skills that would enable them to conduct research into the relationship between health and war. The empirical data would be used by CREEW to produce thematic guidelines and policy briefs that inform policy makers and health professionals alike.

thematic Topic 2020: Anti-microbial resistance (amr)

Evidence on AMR in conflict settings in the region is sparse. The WHO Global Action Plan on AMR which was adopted by the World Health Assembly in 2015 called for “strengthening the knowledge and evidence base through surveillance and research”.

By acting as a research hub, CREEW will help identify the extent of the AMR problem, provide focused data collection efforts and create a platform for sharing global research on AMR particularly in conflict settings. The fellowship program will bring together experts and mentors in the field of AMR to join efforts with CREEW fellows in conducting rigorous research on AMR in conflict settings. CREEW will lead in bridging theory with practice by developing AMR comparative studies from different war zones and disseminating global guidelines to address this threat.