Swisscross Foundation supports and provides a database which collects all relevant publications and incident reports concerning: “health care at risk”. This database should help interested parties and researches, to gather relevant statistical data to be included in their future publications and get a realistic overview about this pressing issue. The Swisscross Foundation works closely together with various academic institutions on the subject of conflict research. It specifically promotes scientific research about this topic.

To facilitate medical assistance programs based on reliable scientific data, which are in general difficult to obtain out of a conflict zone. Swisscross Foundation intends to close the gap between the academic world and humanitarian and medical stakeholders by providing a knowledge database, which collects worldwide incident reports about “Health care in danger”. This database will further be expanded with additional relevant data like: food supply, situation report, status of regional medical facilities, update on the progress of other humanitarian programs etc. This constantly updated data collection should help to keep any humanitarian organization and decision maker in his region informed about possible security threats and health care issues. Swisscross Foundation will organize regularly, international workshops on relevant issues concerning humanitarian security.
In May 2013 an international workshop organized by the Swisscross Foundation, was held at the Ditchley Foundation in Oxfordshire, UK and chaired by Sir John Holmes (former head of OCHA). Several high level representatives of international humanitarian- and security organizations gathered, including ICRC, UN, MSF, Aegis, Armed Forces, G4S, who were discussing the issues connected to “protection of health care in armed conflicts”. This highly distinguished group of experts came to the conclusion that the Swisscross Foundation should test and evaluate the concept of an “Unarmed Security Response Team” (SRT) sent into the field on a short notice to provide expertise and support to the local community.