Swisscross Foundation – a foundation for the protection of victims of war and natural disasters.

The Foundation is based in Zurich, Switzerland and led by a Board of Trustees, chaired by its founder Enrique Steiger, M.D, an experienced war surgeon with over twenty years of experience in the humanitarian field. The Swisscross Foundation envisioned to become an independent and impartial humanitarian non-profit NGO, that will provide help and support, but mainly share their experience and know-how for topics like: healthcare, education, infrastructure, environment and security, mainly focused on populations and victims of war affected by armed conflicts or other emergencies.

The “Swisscross – Security Project” is the flagship project of the Swisscross Foundation, that is searching for new approaches and solutions to benefit healthcare providers operating in high-risk situations and insecure environments.This project advocates the protection and access to healthcare in armed conflict and to provide concrete solutions for this humanitarian challenge.

Swisscross Foundation activities support policy making, as well as educational, scientific and advocacy efforts.